Reply To: Fallout 2 help

Yes Man

It’s up and running. Thanks a lot. Now all that’s left is getting the rest of the RP running i.e appearance mod, a problem due likely to the dated sfall necessary for windows 98… though that’s pretty off topic.

Also fine tuning performance now, it seems to be shaping up markedly better than Dosbox Turbo; atm balancing audio prebuffer with cycles – which is a little tricky given that the better performance seems to come at the cost of sound quality. Trying to keep prebuffer at 0 but I’ve got crackling with 2 or 3 sound effects as well movie audio, most of it though is pretty clean, like music, ambient sound etc….
Only very specific areas are exhibiting noticeable slowdown now, which is nice. Some load screens are a bit long, might try dabbling with higher cycles for the few that drag.

Safe to assume that 3dfx voodoo/glide is not supported here? I’ll make sure it’s disabled in my DM if that’s the case.


When I go to mouse under general settings the app crashes, but the mouse is working. Is physical mouse the default setting for type?