Reply To: Fallout 2 help

Yes Man

Wow, considering this situation is very likely due to my own ignorance it means a lot that you’d do that. Hopefully it serves others well also – it seems in demand having brought it up. I honestly shouldn’t require that much ram and the real solution should be figuring out why I do but that’s the most obvious thing I need to eliminate at the moment, I can’t wait to try.

People have had success where I haven’t with RP though and that’s with the memory limit, so I suspect even if the ram bump does work that the cause is something on my end. The guide I referred to originally for DBT did mention a 256mb min but the exact reasons were unclear. I can’t think of many, if any files (from the manual RP files) I may have dropped in that would alter the game & patch installation in terms of memory req drasticaly.