Reply To: Fallout 2 help

Yes Man

I used a win98 image with daemon tools on it and mounted an actual Fallout 2 iso in Magic – as the GOG installer doesn’t work in win98. Opted for humongous installation and did automatic install of Restoration with the exe after.

Didn’t use mgc file at any point. Took a few hours to get through all the installations.

I went into program files after and found Fallout 2, launched it, it made it to the first loading screen (which looked different this time) and then it closed without any error back to desktop. SVN core gives me the same error as before : “ COULD NOT LOAD DIRECTX.. program requires win 95 with directx 3.0a or later or win NT version 4.0 with SP 3 or greater..”

Interesting because for dosbox turbo I used a GOG installation, manually installed Restoration on top of that, then after that replaced and/or added a number of files (like exe with 95-98 compatible exe, sfall.dll, elevators config&ddraw config), ran a batch file iirc, deleted patch000.dat, dropped in a fallout2.cfg file with ‘video and ambient sounds’ – not to mention also moved the denbus1 files out of /data/maps into /data/ to prevent The Den from being a black screen. Then after all that injected the installation into the 2gb hdd.

^I’m wondering if I should still do all of that inside windows 98 with the manual RP files. I’ll probably back up this hdd image and try.^

Edit: It did run before installing the restoration project but otherwise no luck yet.