Reply To: Fallout 2 help

Yes Man

For Magic all I did was add file paths at the bottom of the ‘expert commands’ config for the images I was using in DBT and it started up right away. At that point I thought it might function the same way and it would be unnecessary for me to create a new win9x image like the 3 part tutorial for MDB outlines (the one I obtained through RolanDeschain79’s guide essentially came preloaded/preinstalled); and I already had the hdd image with Fallout 2 on it.

I’ve dabbled with these apps before over the last year and some for the sake of Fallout 2, as well as Exagear with little to show for it. Only recently when I decided I really wanted to play Fo2 on the go did I commit to making it work. Exagear is both super pricey and wouldn’t launch the few dozen times I tried it. DBT is sort of clunky and I’m not convinced it works correctly but it’s…”playable”.

Magic blew me away when it started up windows, it’s very nice and very fast. However the game just closes after the same loading screen each time. Pardon my ignorance, I’m new to this specifically. I just didn’t want to follow the tutorial if it didn’t end up working with Restoration and on that note I wasn’t sure what drivers and the like I would need to install on the windows image for it to work.

I think Larrynho has gotten it working on win98 but then again, he/she probably knows what he/she is doing.