Reply To: Fallout 2 help

Yes Man

Hello fellow chosen ones, thanks for the replies (and the information Larrynho).

I tried SVN core but instead of launching into the initial loading screen for the game I just get an error “program requires win 95 with directx 3.0a or later or win NT version 4.0 with SP 3 or greater..”
The win9x img apparently is win98 and features/or supports dx9.0c,3dfx & SB16 and it still boots all the way into the game on Dosbox Turbo. Without SVN core in Magic it seems to manage the initial loading screen and then closes silently where the intro would start.

I haven’t really touched layouts or profiles, as I’m not certain how they work yet. I’ve also done my Fallout 2 installs on my PC and then injected them via winimage into an HDD image – then brought them over to Magic Dosbox, as I did for Dosbox Turbo. I’ve tried a few different reinstalls also.

I thought I saw a post on the xda-dev forum in a Dosbox Turbo thread that said you could just bring images over from one to the other and change file paths, so that’s what prompted me. I’ve browsed over the MDB tutorial a few times (in modest confusion) and am willing to follow through with that as well, I just haven’t, I’m not sure it includes how to install the restoration project either for example.

Is the vesa driver for the display adapter?