Next version
  • added NEW widget “Telescope” for magnifying the game. In addition it allows drag zoomed game(donated)
  • possibility to zoom game with double tap gesture(donated)
  • redesigned external gamepad mapper (voodoo control). Hope will be much more user friendly
  • gamepad mapper – left and right stick can pick between mouse and keypad control
  • added search button to Journal widget. Beware this widget was not made for too long texts!(donated)
  • gamepad mapper – possibility to bind deadly strike (macro) to gamepad buttons(donated)
  • gamepad mapper – left and right joystick support native 2axis with full range from -1.0 to 1.0
  • German language will affect application help. Heinz, many thanks for your hard work with translation of the application help to German language.
  • gamepad mapper – tilt supports now native 2axis joystick

Released version 39


Updated youtube channel

Next version

Big refactor! Old engine became more and more limited. Various features could not be implemented because of this limitations. Rewritten sources now opens way for new features. Game profile will be automatically converted to new format during game startup. Test phase started.

Other changes :

  • Virtual joystick – update for mouse mode. Mouse controlled with virtual joystick can be catched in custom area. This is special done for Daggerfall. This and all previous updates makes Daggerfall perfectly playable on touchscreen.
  • fixed reported crash on Android 2.2
  • fixed broken 8way Virtual joystick (thanks John for report)
  • fixes in walkthrough and journal widget

Received several crash reports from devices with Android 2.2. Devices with android 2.3+ are not affected. Sorry people, this bug will be fixed in next version.


Fixed “follow-up reply via email” notification on forum

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Version 38 is out!

  • Virtual joystick (added 4th joystick type) and mapper can bind to 2axis native joystick
  • Improvements in backup system – reminder can be set by users
  • fixes in support for Spanish keyboard
  • added new action to deadly strike – mouse navigation
  • added new images
  • bugfixes

Updated youtube channel


Version 37 is out ! Enjoy:)


Started facebook profile profile and page

New videos will be uploaded separately to our youtube channel and to facebook. In addition Facebook will contain various screenshots.


updated Virtual Joystick documentation (Master of puppets widget)


Updated youtube channel

Next version
  • added turbo mode
  • drawing optimization – less raw data will be processed with GPU
  • updated virtual joystick (Master of puppets). Redesigned configuration window and added new type property for controlling absolute mouse – specially made for Wing commander serie
  • added possibility for creating full backup in zip format. Resulted file can be stored on local storage and/or shared with other applications/services. This allows upload to dropbox, google drive or similar service. There were incidents when some system cleaners and sometimes probably during uninstallation through google play disappeared MagicBox folder with all settings. Because of this is recommended create backup and store it outside device.
  • Export game profile offers now share dialog with other applications/services</>
  • It’s possible pick custom Data directory
  • rewritten support for physical gamepad – dpad and left stick will work correctly in diagonals
  • it’s possible set custom deadzone for left stick on physical gamepad
  • fixed reported crash on Nvidia Shield tablet with Android 6

Version 36 is out!


Updated youtube channel

About MIDI

Transparent keyboard showcase

Next version
  • added system independent transparent keyboard (thanks Infernoxzx)

Keyboard supports :

  • custom opacity level
  • custom background color
  • docking to top, middle and bottom
  • possibility pick full or simple layout for landscape and portrait mode
  • modifier ctrl, shift and alt have three states [release, pressed_temporary, pressed_permanently]
  • right click fix for mice what produce “Back” key instead right mouse button (thanks Sig)
  • fixed bug when collection with empty title blocked correct loading of main menu
  • built-in keyboard can be called with special widget
  • Keyboard icon next to save and quit icons on General settings is divided on right and left side. Left side displays android keyboard, right side our built-in transparent keyboard
  • applied ctrl+break patch
  • adden new absolute mouse fix type – specially made for Settlers 1

Main page was divided to most recent and to older changes. This makes main page loading faster.


Updated widgets, screen resize and modes pages


Updated Deadly strike (macro) page


Version 35 is out! 🙂

  • UI controls and titles are more responsive – more based on device
  • many more devices will gain widgets menu shown in two columns (in landscape orientation)
  • adding key widget on the screen will call immediately key browser. Instead “Key widget” title will be text based on picked key
  • physical mouse can enable interaction with widgets
  • physical mouse can now interact with special keys, cycles dialog and frame skip
  • voodoo mapper can bind action for showing virtual keyboard
  • midi configuration (UI) is more user friendly
  • fixed application dismiss problem for Sony Smartwatch 3
  • In previous version was introduced possibility run Key and Deadly strike widgets at startup. Interface for this option is located in Advanced Settings. Now was added additional possibility – setup directly from key and deadly strike widget options dialog.
  • removed obsolete shrink/expand option from general settings
  • button “edit layout” in general settings was renamed to “Add virtual buttons” and was moved to grid to front of “Special keys”
  • deadly strike (combo) update – Key action can pick now from (down/up, down or up) actions. Default is down/up. Example : “rShift down, h, e, l, l,rShift up, o, ” will produce HELLo.
  • deadly strike has new ability – target. Works just like target widget, but in combo
  • back and home button on filebrowser are now icons instead text
  • manual mouse correction fixes
  • updated look for color picker

Another macro tutorial – help for Daggerfall fights.


Updated youtube channel – first part of macro tutorial.


Started discussion about possible new look


Added new  section on forum – Network. People can here share their experiences with gameplay over network.


Merry Christmas and happy new year!

This version is probably last in this year, so let me send my thanks to everyone who supported this project or helped in any way with magic dosbox development. Thank you!

– added support for IPX server and client
– added support for serial modem
– in game Advanced settings is new button for detecting local IP address
– it’s now possible bind deadly strike and key widget on startup. In other words you can send key sequence or prepare user interface at startup. Useful for games like Dungeon Master what requires initial input from keyboard. This option is available in game “Advanced Settings”.
-added another midi emulation – synth. This emulation supports Sound Fonts (*.sf2). Tested fonts are GeneralUserGSFluidSynthv1.44.sf2 (very good), 8mbgm-emu_MT32.sf2, SGM-V2.01 (too big for old devices), Arachno_v1.0.sf2, …
-updated application help (game profile – midi and network)

Networking requires new application permission INTERNET. This was added and is used only for IPX and serial modem communication.


rewritten main menu (1st update):

  • support for groups/collections
  • support for moving profiles between groups
  • main menu settings were moved from global settings to main menu specific option
  • ‘+’ button in main menu has 3 abilities : 1. Create new profile 2. Create group 3. Import profile
  • added flag for showing/hiding latest started games
  • collection, filebrowser and menu sizes got additional size – predefined. This size tries to calculate default dimensions based on the device. You can always return to custom size in the options.

– added GUI for Midi settings (2nd and last midi update)
– added GUS settings
– main program and setup can be appended with parameters
– new setting in mouse options – sensitivity. Works with relative mouse
– it’s possible to change now the virtual dpad circle opacity
– switching from relative mouse to absolute in mouse options triggers mouse reset
– added support for Android TV. From nature of this app you need to use gamepad, physical mouse or similar device

I want send my thanks to Jiovial, Alex, Mirek, Richard, Sean, Chris, Elv and Infernoxzx for help with testing and translations. To Jon and Eric for ideas. Also thanks to Downey for offering help with Nvidia Shield TV.


update youtube channel.

Shadow WarriorSpellcross and C&C : Red Alert installation guide.

QBasic guide

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