Version 1.0.32

-deadly strike can now be mapped on swipes
-widgets with user defined background images are now correctly displayed in the widget picker
-some devices with neon support will benefit from this build
-added gestures fix for sony z4 tablet
-updated MS mouse fix
-updated double-click functionality
-long-press on game profile will no longer show game settings directly. Instead is displayed a streamlined menu with edit, duplication, export, deletion and making shortcut first
-There are some instances when some games hang while quitting. This should be much improved, hopefully completely fixed
-fixed Caps Lock key
-first part of midi update
-non-rooted devices with A5 can now enable sdcard support


updated sdcard section

Might and Magic 6 : Mandate of Heaven test case.


New  youtube video


Version 1.0.31
-fixed crash on Android 2.2 devices

updated youtube channel


Version 1.0.30:

-updated the key picker. The picker will show not only the base key, but also the shifted version. For example: the  number “1” will show both “1” and ” !” in the key title.
-added changelog to the help system
-added a new resize mode called “custom”. This mode allows you to resize width and height separately up to a maximum of 150% of “fit screen” mode. This mode allows you to position the screen outside visible boundaries.
-deadly strike has new ability – “Black magic”


Updated youtube channel

Preview for sdcard support feature for not rooted devices
Daggerfall installation guide

Nvidia Shield Tablet Recall

All you Nvidia Shield owners should check this out.  Nvidia apparently released some versions of this device with a defective battery and  has initialized a recall. Performing the recall process will deactivate your defective tablet remotely, so make sure to save your data locally first!


Version 1.0.29:

– “Gestures and Mouse” option is now divided into separate settings (Mouse settings,  Gestures settings)
– “Mouse Settings” now includes option to set default starting mouse button and option for changing the currently set button
– mouse click is now mappable to volume down/up
– added “Runecrafting” (thanks Shadewing)
– added two new sections to help (Runecrafting, How to report bug)
– added 4 new widget backgrounds
– hope one rare crash is fixed now

Samsung stylus “S-pen” updates
– “Mouse Settings” now contains special s-pen options
– gestures are disabled for s-pen. This combination was not fully functional due android limitations and disabling them opens way for another features. Spen will work more like physical mouse.

Version 1.0.28:

– Fixed compatibility issue with older android versions(thank you Alex for report)
– added new icons – compass, boots of speed, lightning


Oh, well I forgot to remove microphone permission which was used during development. So today will go out fixed version 27. Sorry.


Version 1.0.26:

Thanks to bryank for website and help correction, to Jiovial Salue, Elv, ChrisG, AtaruMoroboshi18 and Link6746 for testing and translation updates.

-added tips on getting started with Magic DOSBox
-added tips on getting started with the game
-added design mode tips
-added aspect=true/false to GUI
-updated support for s-pen
-new button near main program and setup that will generate whole or partial DOSBox configs.
-added new flag for controlling widgets – “Deactivate on exit”
-Missing SD card paths can be set from filebrowser . It is no longer necessary to enter it manually now.
-removed unnecessary views from layouts containing many controls
-texts and some controls are now smaller then before
-expert settings windows is adjustable to keyboard
-added hq2x opengl shader (filter)
-fixed linear filter saving
-fixed occasional input freeze


Updated youtube channel.


Updated Youtube channel with two new videos.
Updated rts tutorial section.


The most recent Humble Bundle includes the Might and Magic games. You can “Pay what you want” ,  get Might and Magic 1-5 (or even more games)  and help out some great charities.  Do it.


Version 1.0.25:

The long awaited update is here! Main changes are new gestures and filter options. Due to these changes, it was necessary to rewrite a lot of the background code, so please report any issues. Thanks to Jiovial Salue, ChrisG, AtaruMoroboshi18, Link6746, Infernoxzx, Richard and Alex for help with this update.

– removed smooth on/off options; replaced with filter options
– removed swipe options; replaced with  gestures options with support for double tap, long-tap and two-point gesture. Options has the  same icon as swipes
– rewritten keyboard and mouse management.
– fixes in ogg support
– added credits to global settings
– fixes for some x86 devices
– floating menu in design mode has now help on both levels
– GUI buttons are smaller now
– texts on several places have smaller fonts


Version 1.0.24:

– Quick fix for backward compatibility with older mapper layouts


Version 1.0.23:

– new options in advanced settings for locking orientation to landscape or portrait
tilt (patch by Laura No),  steer your racing car with new tilt options, can be found in mapper(voodoo control). Don’t forget to lock your screen to landscape!
– it’s possible to set game profile avatar bigger than 512x512pixels. File browser will show picture previews for images with sizes smaller than 1024×1024. Bigger files will have standard icon.
– support for ogg files. You can now mount  GoG *.inst files through GUI. (patch by Laura No)
– in expert settings it’s now possible to set new commands: vmemsize and vmemsizekb(under section [dosbox])
– added possibility to sort collection by name
– updates in master of puppets
– updates in keyboard timing
– added support for L2/R2 axis
– new images : flame arrow, fire bolt, destroy undead, Antidote

Thanks to Jiovial and Black Mage for translation updates


I am sorry, but it was necessary to restore the db since 20.2.2015. People who registered after 20.2 must register again ;(


Version 1.0.22:

Hi:) New version is here;) Let me first send my thanks to Jiovial for great french update and to Black Mage for fantastic russian translation 🙂 ! I believe you will be surprised how well they translated everything. Thanks guys!

So what’s new :

– Added Russian translation

– Added possibility to hide/show all widgets. This options can be found in two places. First is ‘Special widget’  — and if something goes wrong then, you can  fix it in general settings (thank you Alex for hint)

– Second and last part of update for design mode :  Added possibility to duplicate widget and multi-edit.

– You can now set custom size for various menus. This options is available in Global settings. Fixed menu scaling in landscape mode.

– Redesigned combo actions. Editing will work a bit differently for key, bag and ghostly presence actions. It is possible to set ctrl, alt and shift for key action. More info here.

– dim navigation bar. This is required to use with newer Android versions.  The SDK causes the soft menu button to no longer be available.  Google REMOVED it in API 14. So, if you remap the back button then use a long press on back button to call up general settings. Also you can call general settings from special widget.

– widget ‘Mouse Touch’ and left/right mouse in Mapper has new options – double click (thanks to Black Mage for hint)

– mouse rate in mapper was increased to 120 (thank you infernoxzx)

– various improvements and bug fixes

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