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    Please can you send me email?

    Done, I sent an e-mail to your contact from the google store.

    For next two days I will not be available due Easter. But then I like to see log from your device

    Sure, there is no urgency, take your time 🙂


    Hello there!
    First of all thanks again for the Magic DosBox, I wish I could rate it at 100 stars, this DosBox is just great 🙂

    So, I tried to remap but it didn’t help…
    I also tried to remap the built-in phone button (volume up), just for a test, and it did work.

    So we can say that the remapping feature, in general, does work on my phone, it just doesn’t with the physical mouse.
    Also, I noticed that during the process of remapping I can hold right-click forever, and this menu doesn’t show up.

    Video here (sorry for my English):

    P.S. feel free to give up this troubleshooting if you feel that it’s not possible to fix that, I understand that fixing this kind of hardware/software issue is not always feasible…

    in reply to: issue with bluetooth mouse in HOMM 2 #6398

    It’s Android 8.0.0, more info about the system here:



    Let me know if I can help with testing, I will be happy to do that 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)