X-Wing/Tie Fighter loopers on Bluetooth controller

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    X-Wing CD-ROM version, Tie Fighter CD-ROM version.

    I’ve set up loopers on my controller Right Stick so I can cycle through various cockpit views – moving the stick left cycles Numpad 7-4-1 and moving the stick right cycles Numpad 9-6-3 – stick Up is set to Numpad 8 and stick Down is Numpad 2.

    These work fine until the next time I start the game – Up & Down will work but trying either of the loopers does nothing. If I go into the loopers menu (where the two loopers I’ve set up are visible) and press the green tick then they start working again.

    Am I missing something for why the loopers aren’t “sticking”? I press the Save icon and everything works at the next game start apart from the loopers.

    Any help appreciated 🙂

    Al ex

    Hm, sounds like a bug to me. 🤔 Can you upload your game profile to your Google Drive account and post a link here?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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