X-Wing Collector’s CD and TIE Fighter Floppy/CD

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    Hi All,

    I was a bit surprised that nobody created .MGC files for these two great games from the early ’90s. So, I took it upon myself to create these very simple ones. They’re only one layer, but definitely get the job done in regard to the most used controls during flight. I would love to hear any comments. Thanks.

    P.S. – The “D” key transfer’s power from lasers to shields.

    UPDATED — JANUARY 2021! – All three layouts have been updated to include more keys, the throttle controls are now easily accessible to the right thumb, and the configs have been edited to boost game performance. Screenshots have been updated too. Enjoy! 🙂

    X-Wing Collector’s CD Screenshot

    TIE Fighter Floppy Screenshot

    TIE Fighter Collector’s CD Screenshot

    X-Wing Collector’s CD .MGC

    TIE Fighter Floppy .MGC

    TIE Fighter Collector’s CD .MGC

    Al ex

    Looks good! I’ve been planning to create a layout for these games, too, but never got round to it, so thanks very much! ?


    so is this the rerelease , GoG, or Origin version ? GoG self extracting packages wont install for me , it says it needs a higher version of windows 🙁


    very nice aspect ratio btw . custom for a 3 sided border looks nice as far layout is concerned. i forgot it did that. i always play fullscreen with controller or keyboard i really dont use the widgets much or at all but it does look nice.

    Al ex

    @mojoswagger1980 you can’t run GoG installers in Magic Dosbox / Win95. You run it on your real pc, then copy the game folder to your phone.
    And you can extract most of them with 7zip. ?


    Hello. When I attempt to download any of the MGC files, it says the file is no longer available.

    Can someone upload them again?

    Also, when I try to run X-Wing, it’s very slow on my device (Axon 7 with an SD820 chip). Are there specific settings/tweaks to get it to run smoother?

    Thank you!


    Correction, the Tie Fighter CD file works, the other two are missing.


    I have updated the links, repasting them from mediafire and they should work now. I have no idea why they stopped working to begin with, as I changed nothing. Very annoying!

    As far as your performance issue. try making the root C: folder the very same folder as the game’s installation folder. I know it sounds strange, but it may work. If not, exiting and restarting the game’s dos profile until the speed is normal works too.

    Al ex

    Strange, seems to be working for me. I get a zip file instead of .mgc, but renaming it works.

    Sadly, Snapdragons, especially older ones, are struggling with emulation due to their sub-par NEON support. Still, an SD820 should be capable of running Xwing well enough.
    You should set cycles=max, and if you’re rooted, try to use the performance governor.

    When you run this benchmark, what result do you get?



    Wow, thanks for the quick response… links work great now, thank you!


    I’ll try out the benchmark later when I have more time, thanks for the link.

    As for the game itself, I can’t seem to launch it still using Star-Wars Guy’s config. I ran the sound setup and then it says it can’t find the XWingCD.

    I have both the GoG and Steam versions of the game, so what folder do I grab off of my PC to make it work properly?

    Thanks again!


    Tried the benchmark, here are my scores:

    2134 in:

    1557 (didn’t reboot)
    3362 (immediately after reboot)


    I’m sorry, I only have the original dos games. I use .ISO files of the original CD’s (I’m old. 🙂 ). I don’t know much about the Steam or GoG versions. Though, I think a previous reply to this thread discusses them. Good luck, you’re gonna need it! (Hopefully not. 🙂 )


    No worries, just having these configs and control layouts is a TON of help, so thank you again!

    Years ago I tried to get a similar setup using another DOSBox app, but it just wasn’t really possible. Even with a controller I found it too clunky to get working. Magic DOSBox is amazing for this sort of thing, but I’ve been to busy/lazy to get back into it.

    So I’ll work on finding the proper CD/ISO setup to get it running.


    No worries. I had the same problem, but this program is amazing! Post if you get the games working, I’m just curious.


    Well, I gave up on the CD version for now…

    I went to the Classic folder. It runs perfectly from there with your configs. I’m not sure what is the big difference, but with the config that I had started trying to make a year ago or so, it was a stuttering mess. But with your configs it’s quite smooth.

    So again, you’re awesome, thanks for your work on these controls. I might actually play some and see if it’s do-able with touch controls or if I’ll have to play with a combination touch/controller setup.


    Just FYI, I updated the layouts for both X-Wing and TIE Fighter adding even more buttons. It should be easier to play through missions having immediate access to most functions on the fly. Plus, I made adjustments to the configs to increase performance. Screenshots have also been updated to show you what the layouts look like ingame. Just go to the beginning of this thread for the links. 🙂

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