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    I wish i had your keymapper on windows. Its the only one that maps the analogs and dpad on my controller correctly. I own dosbox turbo which is ok ….the features that the dev highlights arent anything special …what do i need 256mb of ram for? Its dos . I never saw any game need more than 16. And the voodoo gfx driver …its an 8mb emulated gfx card that requires specific games so who cares. The only thing i note that dosbox turbo does that magic does not is gpu rendering. Omg please please add this awesome feature! The other interesting thing i noted but havent found a use for yet was isapnpbios option in turbo. Legacy universal plug and play….might come into play in win9x emulation where joystick has to be used but no ready examplE comes to mind


    We render everything with opengl, this means on gpu, software rendering was never in production. There are plans for adding isapnp bios

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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