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    Al ex

    Version 1.1

    Uploaded 2019-02-06

    Download v1.1
    Created on a Galaxy S9+, so this should work out of the box on every 18,5:9 resolution device. On regular 16:9 devices, it might be necessary to realign some icons, but it’ll probably be just fine nonetheless.

    This layout was created using Worms United from GoG.com. It’s compatible with the classic CD-ROM and floppy versions though.
    It’s very straightforward, so there’s no need for much explanation. It consists of two layers, one for movement, one for weapon control. Relative mouse is necessary, because (1) absolute mouse doesn’t work, and (2) you can swipe the screen to move the camera, which is extremely convenient.

    – Dpad for moving
    – The explosion icon fires/triggers the current weapon/item
    – The jumping worm makes your worm jump (surprise…)
    – The heavily armed worm in the top left switches to the weapon control layer (and vice versa)

    Weapon control:
    – on the left, there are number keys and plus/minus keys, to configure fuse time and bounce of grenades etc.
    – the icons on the right switch through the available weapons. It’s simple F key widgets, so the first (F1) selects Bazooka, and Rocket on second tap

    – Swipe up/down to show/hide keyboard

    That’s it. 🙂

    What’s new
    Rearranged icons a bit for smoother, more intuitive gameplay. I found it a bit awkward to have the layer switch on the left, and the other two buttons on the right. I kept wanting to tap the “Fire” button, so I moved the layer switch over to the right, too.

    Movement layer:

    Weapon control layer:


    Nice job!
    I didn’t play the original Worms, so I might just try it out now with this setup.

    I was looking to get Worms Armageddon (the ’99 one) working on my phone with Win95, but I couldn’t get Windows to install properly so eh. I will try again sometime soon, it would be great to have the PC version playable anywhere, I simply love that game. New Worms simply can’t replicate the chaos of 8 teams with 8 worms each – 64 worm madness. It’s turn based so if one could make the normal game run, 64 worms might work too.

    Al ex

    Thanks. The first Worms is the one I have the fondest memories of, at least as far as memories go. We used to get pretty drunk while playing back then, that increased the chaos even more. ?

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