Wing Commander III – Heart of the Tiger

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    Al ex

    Version 1.1

    2560×1440 (Galaxy Note 4 N910F):

    Download v1.0

    Download v1.1

    Download v1.1 (more transparent)

    – v1.0 still available because of significant changes to the layout: v1.0 has (rather big) pictured icons, while v1.1 has text icons (slimmer top row, but larger Space/Enter/Tab/Shift buttons)
    – v1.1 comes in two versions: “Layout_WC3” has opacity set to 100/255, and “Layout_WC3_more_transparent” has opacity set to 35/255. Both layouts are otherwise identical.
    – double labeled icons have double functions (single/double tap, 200ms), e.g. Space/ Shift+Space: tap & hold to shoot/ double tap & hold to shoot & turn faster
    – absolute mouse
    – swipe up or down to show/hide UI (all widgets), e.g. during cutscenes
    – swipe left or right to trigger [Esc] key, e.g. to cancel cutscenes
    – double tap on acceleration button (up arrow) sets max speed (w/o afterburners)
    – double tap on decelerate (down arrow) triggers full stop
    – all communication and config options (guns/missiles/ship’s power setup) are implemented as bags to prevent UI cluttering 😉

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