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    Hi, so I was curious, having watched the youtube guides to installing Windows 95, I noticed that the basic software/drivers needed were DirectX, Dcom, Indeo, display and sound drivers, if I were to test/install Windows 98 or later OS do I need in theory the same kind of setup of drivers/software or do I need more based on the specific OS?




    i tried alot with Dosbox and Win95/98 on my Raspberry Pi, before i switched to Android.
    You definitly need some drivers specially for Windows 98+, but most games i tried
    were not able to run. It is not worth the work, even because Windows runs painfully slow.

    I good shot would be a windows emulator: look at
    There is some kind of Android Version available, but i never tried.

    I tried the “Exagear Desktop” thing on my Raspberry Pi, and it workes with some games:
    Anno 1602, Ports of Call 2, Europa Universalis 1+2, Unreal Tournament.



    @Hotte76 thanks for the info :), I was aware that most Windows versions after Win95 (and even that) run pretty slow unless you have a beefy device (though I doubt it) and pretty much heard of Exagear and similar apps, my interest was for pure curiousity and just to see if you can actually run it, I was interested since Magic DosBox is really user-friendly compared to other apps, thanks though!


    Honestly windows 95 is the way harder of the two working os in the 9x family to get up and running . 98 has a far supierior driver package and its automated unlike 95 . It was a way longer install but a much easier configure its a little slower than 95 i think but the software selection is much nicer . Daemon tools lite alone is so much better than virtual cd that its a must have. I


    That sounds pretty cool, I’ll give it a go one of these days, thanks. 🙂


    I got a Win 98 up and running with fallout 2 in it ::D I dont find it noticeable slower than win 95. BUT driver installation for me was quite a pain…specially direct x…cant install nothing above 6.0 or so…

    Either way, Fallout 2 works pretty ok… as good as 1 with direct dosbox emu.

    Wiktor Żarski

    If you really want to using Windows98 you obviously need another DirectX than Windows95
    but rest of files from the guide on Magic DosBox youtube channel is of course good for Win98. [link]

    You only have to do:

    1. Download and extract “Win95Install” [click to download]
    2. Create new drive image .img and it must be big enough to hold everything (all files will be weighs a little more than 65MB)
    3. Copy all folders with contents from Drivers.img to created by yourself drive image using any iso-writer except folder “Directx”
    4. Download, extract and copy Directx folder witch software compatible with Win98 to your drive image [click to download]
    5. Save changes in drive image and install drivers from this .img in your Win98

    Holy crap, just noticed I wasn’t being notified on this thread xD so apologies, got Win95 working some time ago but still cheers for the info. 🙂


    magic dosbox wont emulate audio right beyond 95 it seems . Misses the roland mpu401 on 98 and garbles the sound horribly. Disabling it doesnt help reinstalling the driver doesnt either . Dosbox turbo emulates it just fine so its not impossible but i cant for the life of me figure out wtf to do to fix it on this build


    I got direct x 9 and 7 from darktravelers windows on dosbox guide both required windows installer 2 to work so did daemon tools

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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