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    Using Oneplus 7 pro. Windows 98 emulated in Magic Dosbox free at the moment.

    I have come a long way to get to where I’m at with this lol. There was no official tutorial for windows 98 so I used the windows 95 tutorial videos as a guideline and I’ve got windows 98 running very smoothly now and it rarely crashes. Now I’m trying to get Need for Speed II SE working. The game starts up and everything runs fine. When I enter a race, I can drive for maybe 2 seconds and the game crashes. But before it crashes, the game is perfectly smooth and has good fps.

    I’ve been using these expert settings:

    #Amount of video memory in megabytes (0-8).
    #  The maximum resolution and color depth the svga_s3 will be able to display
    #  is determined by this value.
     #  0: 512k (800x600  at 256 colors)
    #  1: 1024x768  at 256 colors or 800x600  at 64k colors
    #  2: 1600x1200 at 256 colors or 1024x768 at 64k colors or 640x480 at 16M colors
    #  4: 1600x1200 at 64k colors or 1024x768 at 16M colors
    #  8: up to 1600x1200 at 16M colors
    #Amount of video memory in kilobytes, in addition to vmemsize
    #valid cputypes (Ykhwong SVN):
    #  a)auto
    #  b)386
    #  c)486
    #  d)pentium
    #  e)386_prefetch
    cycles=max 125%
    @Echo Off
    imgmount c /storage/emulated/0/Win98.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,32,520
    imgmount d /storage/emulated/0/AndroidMDosBox/nfsiidefaultinstallwithiso/hdd-2gb.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,64,1023
    boot -l c

    I’ve tried just about every combination of [dosbox] [render] and [cpu] settings. Cycles from 160000 to 230000 give me smooth gameplay. Any more or less and it starts to slowdown. Cycles max 125% seems to be the most consistent at letting me play the longest before crashing though. I’m thinking maybe I’m missing a driver? The game only requires directx 5 but I’ve also tried directx 6, 8, and 9.0c. Doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. I’ve also tried all sorts of resolution and color settings. I’m almost at a loss but I swear this is going to work. It plays too smoothly to think otherwise.

    Anyone got any ideas that I can try? The only driver with a yellow ❗ next to it is PCI BUS. Not sure if that matters? Can I try the scitech display doctor beta 7 video adapter? The game does run fine in virtualbox and vmware windows 98 from my computer.



    I installed dosbox 0.74 on my windows 10 Alienware aurora r5 desktop computer, mounted the same images, and modified the dosbox.conf file to match my parameters that I was using for magic dosbox. The game runs the same but I can race for a little while longer before it crashes. Oh and I had to change cputype to pentium_slow to get dosbox to work on windows.

    Judging by the dosbox compatibility with need for speed 2 se, I definitely have some settings wrong. Or maybe missing drivers idk.

    Dosbox need for speed ii se compatibility

    Al ex

    Seems to be a genetal Dosbox issue, not Magic Dosbox related. Windows support, especially Wim98, is highly experimental, and can lead to all kinds of weird behaviour.
    Win95 is more stable than win98 though, so you might want to try that, too.


    Exactly. General Dosbox issue. That’s a good idea to try Windows 95. The only reason I haven’t is because I do not own a Windows 95 boot disk. I’ll have to see if my parents can dig up a windows 95 boot disk. I just have the installation disk. With windows 98, I was able to get everything installed and working with just the installation disk.

    1) Everywhere I’ve looked with people using windows 9x on Dosbox, there’s always mention of using svga_s3 video driver. Is that because others just don’t work with Dosbox?

    2) As for the yellow exclamation point next to the PCI Bus driver, the device status states “This device is disabled because the BIOS for the device did not give it any resources. Please enable it in the BIOS.” Do you know if we can we modify BIOS settings? Pressing delete during startup does not get me into the BIOS like it would on a desktop computer. The only other way I can think to solve this is to download and extract the Voodoo 1 drivers to C:/temp and then the add hardware wizard will apparently find and install the PCI Bus driver. I’ll probably try that first because I’m at a loss with the BIOS thing.

    I realize that this is experimental and nothing is guaranteed. I just wanted to hear others thoughts and opinions on the matter because I’ve only recently gotten familiar with this software. And don’t get me wrong, it may sound like I’m struggling and getting frustrated… but I really do enjoy tinkering with this stuff and trying to figure these things out.

    Participant has a Win95 ISO you can use.

    I’m interested in getting Win98 working just for the increased storage size, does anyone have the values for bigger .IMG files by any chance?


    So it looks like any version of windows 95 will work other than OSR2.5?

    And wait… Can I actually use my windows 98 as a boot disk for installing windows 95? Maybe I won’t have to download anything then. I actually have the windows 95 upgrade disk and the OSR2.5 version disk. I guess I’ll have to look into it a bit more.

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