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    hello my dear friends, Will install win xp this way ((( — How To Play PC Games on Android With Magic Dosbox [Part1 – Win95 Installation] ))) because i wont to play in black crypt from this site . Games from this site work on win xp (I have an old computer with windows xp installed)


    Hi, no, winxp cant run in dosbox, but you can do it with limbo pc emulator

    Al ex

    It won’t run anywhere half-decent on any phone. You can use Bochs for best compatibility, but like any other PC emulator for Android, it’s lacking all forms of 3D acceleration, so forget about playing anything.

    That’s why Dosbox is called “Dos”-box btw. Even Windows 95 isn’t officially supported. They keep telling so on the official Dosbox forums if you ask about it there. ?


    Limbo can run winxp but it will never play games of any kind for very long qemu just doesnt have tye stability for resource intensive apllications. you can however use it as a means to install games on virtual hdd (kind of lol) sometimes it finishes install befor crashing .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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