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    Currently you can have c:\ and d:\ images of size 2GB. You cannot have more then 2GB and you can have only 2 hdd – c and d…


    Sorry for the late reply, my bad, I was still learning about different sisez as I was testing more, so even the c HDD can only be 2GB max right, not just the D one? Thanks again, glad Windows is running on an actual smartphone, now I’m just pretty much testing demos of games with Win 95 support, checking out compatibility, errors, fixes and such, many thanks for the video guides on youtube!


    Limbo can install. Your issue is windows 95 install disks are not bootable . They require bootdisk or dos to access the media . I could not get the boot disk to work so i used msdos 6.22c. In limbo you would allocate a blank disk img for hd ms dos 6.22 as the a drive and your iso (i assume) in the cdrom . Boot into the a drive then manually boot into c, run setup (additionally it is helpful to include the cmd /is when running setup it skipsscan disk) it is rediculously hard to get all drivers to correctly install if using magic dosbox though , it is advisable to use dosbox daum for everything but the pci driver if you want to go the dosbox install route but its alot faster typically to do this stage in a virtual machine never thought to try limbo to do the drivers have to give that a go


    Idk ? The pc versions ive used are not limited to fat16 . Actually ive never specified a file system in disk geometry when booting windows this would imply the guest os determines its own filesystem unless you intervene . Later versions of 95 were fat32 …. try making a 4gb image


    Managed to make it work with Magic DosBox in the end 🙂 and as you mentioned, I’ve read that most cd’s aren’t bootable but managed to get hold of one that is, thanks though. However I’m curious about another aspect, you mentioned a 4gb image but if I tried creating one larger than 1gb, say 2gb it’s stuck on the booting screen (after changing the correct parameters in the DosBox config file of course and after reading that supposedly Win 95 can read max 2gb for a drive), I’ve read a bit about the differences between FAT options but just left the default option on, needless to say all works fine now, though of course I wouldn’t mind more drive space. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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