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    I am playing around a bit with the Bluetooth NES30 Controller from 8Bitdo.
    It works good in the app but my problem is this:

    Doom or Blood simply need too much buttons for this kind of gamepad.
    I thought i can configure the buttons of the gamepad to a widget, but for some reason i can only bind a Combo-Widet to the Gamepad buttons.

    Am i missing how to assign regular Widget which are only a key (ALt, CTRL etc) or is it only possible with Combo-Widgets?



    I dont understand what you try to do. Why you need bind key widget? You can bind key directly to button.

    Maybe you want open menu and pick something from menu? However, this is not implemented…but will be next year


    I want to use some of the Gamepad buttons twice.
    For example: Press B for jump and also Press R1 (which is “alt”) and B for crouch.
    But i couldnĀ“t bind two key to one Gamepad button.

    So binding a single key is no problem, but i am running out of gamepad buttons for some things (crouch or switching weapons)

    And in the Widget i am able to make activate the double tap or the second button in the options.


    Aaaha now I understand. You want button combinations for triggering differenr actions. I will think about it. But you know that these combinations will require some delays for detectiob. Something like detecting double tap.

    I can allow bind key widget in next version, no problem.

    Next year I will work on more updates for gamepad, because I want get mDosbox officially on android tv consoles.


    Sounds good!

    Keep up the good work, sir!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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