Where can I find joystick button?

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    Hey folks I’m configuring MD for X-Wing. Everything is going great except for I can’t find the joystick button as referenced in the manual here:


    I can’t seem to find this button in the magic dosbox app?



    I can’t now try x-wing, maybe later I can find time. But I will try compare it with other games like wing commander. Usually you have two ways.

    1. You can control with keyboard
    2. or with 2axis joystick with possible 4 buttons

    Probably you look for second way. Do following :

    1. In game profile enable “Native 2 axis support”.
    2. Virtual dpad is available in donated version. Go to virtual dpad settings and switch type to “2axis”. There is option for adding virtual buttons what emulates joystick buttons.
    3. In free version is not virtual joystick, but you can connect physical gamepad. In this case go to “Voodoo control” and setup it. You can bind physical gamepad buttons to emulated “Gamepad buttons”.


    I’m using the paid version of this app since it’s most excellent and includes a really great user interface, so thank you for your hard work!

    as for x-wing, i went with the second option since i’m using a GameSir gamepad. using voodoo control, i bound the physical gamepad buttons to the ‘gamepad buttons’ as you mentioned. this worked perfectly, thank you!

    if i could make a suggestion, perhaps changing the phrase ‘gamebad buttons’ to ‘joystick buttons’ would alleviate confusion in the future, since when i first saw this i assumed i was mapping buttons for my physical gamepad.


    p.s. for anyone trying to play x-wing, make sure to enable the joystick and check the ‘timed’ box option. otherwise the controls are far too slow to be useable.


    Thank you,

    Good idea, I’ll update name in next version


    i tried xwing . It played way better mapped to keyboard. Pretty much all games do. the joystick always recenters it screws up my aim.

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