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    I played Warlords2 with the newest released Magic DosBox Version 1.0.41 on my Smartphone LG G4 AND on a Nvidia Shield Tablet.
    On both of them, it runs well with one annoying difference: on the smartphone the mouse curser of the game follows pretty well the Android cursor (absolute cursor positioning with bluetooth mouse connected).
    On the tablet the game cursor follows never the Android mouse cursor. Only on mouse click it ist positioned correctly at the point the click was made. This is a bit frsutrating because You have to use the mouse very carefully to avoid clicks on positions not wanted.
    The thing is, that this only happens on the tablet. Both have Android 6.0.1 installed. Is it an android issue or can this be caused or fixed in Magic DosBox?

    Can anybody help please?



    on nvidia shield you must disable one option. It was discussed in some topic here. In Controller->Threat mouse as touch->off



    I’m absolutely speechless.

    This was exactly the reason for my problem and You solved that. This alone is already great!
    But You gave me impressingly fast response – this is more than I ever hoped!
    So many thanks for that! That’s awesome support!

    Please tell me (per Mail?) a way to donate some money to Your great work to support Your further development!
    I like Magic DosBox a lot because it’s the best android version for dosbox on android by far and I’d like
    to support that more. Especially with this great support.

    Thanks a lot!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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