voodoo2 3dfx drivers !!!

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    While i was preparing my windows 95 disc i found this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B58HhxpcWf9XWlRLc3liQlhaTTg/view?usp=drivesdk.
    Q:Whats is it ?
    A: old school 3dfx drivers supported by a very popular dos era pci
    Q: Will these improve graphics on my game?
    A: Maybe. They sold pci cards in bundles back in the 90’S. They included the card and the game to show off the new effects. The reason for including the games was simple , not all games were supported and they wanted the customer to really be able to tell the difference.
    Q: How do i find out which games work?
    A: Google it 😉
    Q:So i just download this and it magically makes my game better?
    A:No, its not quite that simple. You need to extract the drivers into the root of whatever the root directory of your gaming folder is NOT THE GAMES THEMSELVES. In your dosbox conf. You must insert a pci category and insert the value voodoo=auto (i did this under the dos category)and then you must insert the cmd set glide=600 to your autoexec BEFORE YOU NAVIGATE INTO THE GAME FOLDER.
    Q: You said you found this while making a windows img , does it just work for win9x games ?
    A: No it works for a handful of LATE ERA dos games (e.g Blood,Mechwarrior 2,MDK,etc)but support improves with win9x games .

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