voodoo2 3dfx drivers !!!

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    While i was preparing my windows 95 disc i found this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B58HhxpcWf9XWlRLc3liQlhaTTg/view?usp=drivesdk.
    Q:Whats is it ?
    A: old school 3dfx drivers supported by a very popular dos era pci
    Q: Will these improve graphics on my game?
    A: Maybe. They sold pci cards in bundles back in the 90’S. They included the card and the game to show off the new effects. The reason for including the games was simple , not all games were supported and they wanted the customer to really be able to tell the difference.
    Q: How do i find out which games work?
    A: Google it 😉
    Q:So i just download this and it magically makes my game better?
    A:No, its not quite that simple. You need to extract the drivers into the root of whatever the root directory of your gaming folder is NOT THE GAMES THEMSELVES. In your dosbox conf. You must insert a pci category and insert the value voodoo=auto (i did this under the dos category)and then you must insert the cmd set glide=600 to your autoexec BEFORE YOU NAVIGATE INTO THE GAME FOLDER.
    Q: You said you found this while making a windows img , does it just work for win9x games ?
    A: No it works for a handful of LATE ERA dos games (e.g Blood,Mechwarrior 2,MDK,etc)but support improves with win9x games .
    MDK has built in perfomance test that i wish i knew the scale on . Without driver i scored 29 to 30 (it bounces a little) with drivers i scored 36 (solid no fluctuation) without knowing the scale its hard to say how much improvement this is but it is noticable. After work i intend to look into finding a better test to measure graphics and will relay results


    Care to share installation process ?? 🙂


    Was that unclear? Im sorry. Its just a matter of unzipping the file (glide2.ovl)into your root directory you put games in insert [pci]
    Under the section [dos] in confg . Then also in confg. in autoexec insert the cmd set glide=600. you will have to insert these yourself via expert commands .

    Al ex

    There’s no glide support in Magic Dosbox yet, so I believe it’s a placebo effect. Dosbox Turbo has rudimentary 3dfx support, but it’s so incredibly slow, you’re better off using SVGA. Let alone the crappy sound emulation and other bugs in DTurbo.

    The problem is that there is no Glide wrapper for Android yet, so the whole 3dfx/Glide code has to be sofware rendered, and is not executed natively on the gpu. That’s why it’s completely useless atm.

    I would so love to play Tomb Raider or Quake in 3dfx, and I had lenghty discussions on the matter with Tony (Magic Dosbx dev). But there simply is no way for proper 3dfx emulation yet, unless someone comes up with a Glide wrapper. 🙁


    3dfx implementation in daum has several modes, db turbo implements only software rendering. Very slow and with bugs. But if there are games which accepts only 3d card then they should work, even very slow. Thats reason why we are focused on other things.

    Al ex

    Doesn’t make any sense atm. 3dfx-only games are so advanced, you would get framerates of about 1-2 fps. Tomb Raider for example runs MUCH faster in SVGA, than in 3dfx, where it’s absolutely unplayable. So later games would run even worse.


    Has internal emulation been tried ? (I mean from within a windows environment e.g. djvoodoo or the like)

    Al ex

    The Glide wrapper must be running on the host OS to have any effect. So unless someone codes a working Glide wrapper for Android, we’re SOL. ?

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