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    Not really magic dosbox oriented but someone here might know: what do i do with the .sub file in a virtual cd rip ? Cant figure out how to get music tracks in games to work . cCant mount .cue so i looked through the supporteds and it says .ccd so i rip the cue/bin into .ccd/.img mount the .ccd (or .img same thing happens) and it still pops a box at the start of every lvl in my games stating it cant read audio and to make sure no cds are in the drive….its a virtual drive lol and the only cd in it is the game im playing . So whats left is this other file .sub but you cant mount it with vcd so Whats it for and what do i do with it ? or is there just no music tracks for windows 95? I hsve all other game audio just not the background music and im out of ideas cept maybe that .sub does somthing .

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