User Experience on a terrible device as far as emulation goes

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    i am using this app on a nexus 7(2013) and a note 4,both have 805 krait and both scored well below par on the benchmark test.i am playing mechwarrior 2 mercenaries titanium edition version 1.05 on windows 95 b sand i got the color set to true color 16 bit(because it just looks great) i have the graphics settings set to max and the resolution set to 320*200 (tried higher performance took a dive)so heres what im seeing : occasionally the app closes back to my home screen (never during game play but sometimes in between missions). i just save alot right before and after succesful completion of mission. It looks better than when i played it originally (maybe not definition wise). the only lag ive seen occur is during loading of mission and if it occurs its due to the app not responding and it has to be restarted. This is rare. The game play is perfect. 0 lag during play and all controls are immediatly responsive. its 1996 all over again. im shocked. this phone and tablet shouldnt be capable of what its doing. I tried the original windows/dos version which should have ran better but performed terribly then a friend of mine gave me the titanium trilogy and i decided to give it one last try. I have never gotten background music (sound and sound effects are fine) to play because vcd doesnt support .cue and changing formats to .ccd didnt help so i let it go. there is no working nocd patch (tried several quite possibly user error but even the dos version required cd) so it is necessary to use emulation. to sum it up im very impressed. I tried it on dosbox turbo (not with 3dfx) and performance was about the same, the controller mapping was comparible but not capable of being done in game nor did it allow for modifier to be added as default, the additional widgets were limited to four, and i mean this, ugly yellow buttons that could be moved from either the top or bottom with no transperency control. the os load and lead up to game felt jerky not laggy but not smooth in game was better . The sound was terrible, screechy at points it had to be turned down. I only played briefly so i dont know how it compares in stability.took notably longer to launch dosbox and was preceded by white screen that hung for a few seconds. Did allow more system ram (i got it to 384, after that it would cause insufficient memory error) Not sure if gpu rendering option was beneficial i couldnt say one way or the other. In summary when held them right next to one another (tab was running dt, phone had md on it) magic out performed, played, and just looked better. when looked at like that, running side by side on 2 horrible devices for emulation (lol ive come to terms with this) there is no question which one is the better build. I have been critical of magic, i would have done the same to dt but its depreciated has no forum or other means to do so, and i just felt since i got what i wanted id be remiss to not state the case. So in essence the winner and undisputed champion of dosbox on android is Magic.

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