Unintended Config Wipe & Hidden Frameskip Settings


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    Hello, I have been using this emulator over many of my old DOS games and applications for many years, very recently I have just been through an entire profile wipe due to the December 8th update (both my phone and tablet), therefore I would like to make some suggestions of this app while rebuilding my entire library.

    Android Version: 12, 13

    1. Game Layout & Setting’s location was not defaulted at .MagicBox at root as intended:
    At the initial welcome screen, the app does not automatically locate the default save location for its settings.
    So the user is forced to input a location where the option in Private Storage pinpoints to the app installation directory, which wipes out all user profile and setting after app update.

    2. Frameskip = 2
    This parameter was found under default expert command, and I am unsure if it is also in effect under global profile since there is no way to findout under the GUI configuartion menu. To avoid degradation in imageries I was forced to have all profiles run under expert command with frameskip=0 on modern devices, which leaves the GUI nearly irrelevant.

    Thanks for reading.

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