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    This is my Ultima Underworld 2 profile, based on my UW1 profile with mods to accommodate the redesigned interface with the larger 3D window.

    MGC file

    The main features are
    – startup screen to let you load / start a game before showing full control set
    – movement pad (toggle on/off by tapping compass)
    – active command icons in a panel down the right hand side
    – a spellbook which automatically loads spells to the rune shelf and returns to game (activated by tapping rune bag over left shoulder)
    – map with North & South zoom function (activated by tapping map in first inventory slot)

    UW2 used a bigger 3D view than UW1, which squeezed the side panel and moved the command icons to a very small area under the vials – and under my preferred gamepad location :-(. So, I used telescope widgets to copy the command icons to a separate panel on the right, and to enlarge them so they’re big enough to easily touch tap. I then covered the in-game command icons with 2 less used overlay buttons under the vials as it looked odd otherwise.

    Main game image
    Main screen

    Main screen
    – “Look” opens a small menu to look up/mid/down
    – “Jump” : single tap for jump on the spot, double tap for forward standing jump
    – red buttons for attack modes
    – purple buttons for mouse
    – toggle an 11-way movement pad using compass
    – open spell book by tapping rune bag
    – open map by tapping map
    – “System” button opens a panel in the 3D view window with some useful functions.

    Main screen with toggled movement pad (tap compass)

    Other images (Spells, Map, Zoomed map, Quick Options)
    Other screenshots

    – exactly same as my UW1 profile
    – Page up/down and Close are touch enabled.
    – tap the + buttons to zoom that half of map and exit to close zoom

    – same as my UW1 profile (except it no longer pauses game!)
    – use the numbered buttons to change pages (numbered by Circle of Magic)
    – tap a spell to load rune shelf, close book and rune panel all in one go. (Still need to tap cast to actually use loaded spell)
    – to close book without loading a spell tap the yellow gem at top of the book’s spine. This leaves the rune panel active (use Stats to close it)
    All the spell related Combos have a delay to allow time for panel to change (approx 3s).

    In UW1 it was possible to pause the game while the rune panel was visible, which meant my UW1 profile allowed you to switch spells during combat without penalty. Unfortunately UW2 can’t do this as it closes the rune panel in order to show the options panel. This means the UW2 game will carry on running in real time while you read your spellbook! I tried converting rune bag and spell combos to add a pause using the Magic DosBox special function widget but this game did react well to then unpausing so I left it as it was.

    Artwork : arrows are in-game cursor images from UW1, pop-up panel is copied from UW2 screenshots, button backgrounds are the ones in the UW1 profile with a blue tint, right hand panel is from a ShadowCaster DOS game menu with a blue tint. Font is Baldur.ttf.

    Al ex

    Thank you very much, awesome work! ?

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