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    I built on Alex’s excellent Ultima V template and tweaked it for Ultima IV, which is available free on GOG. This will work with either the original or the fan-made upgrade patch.

    The MGC template is available for download here.

    – I added the U key that was missing.
    – I also added some macros that will type out common dialog phrases (“NAME”, “JOB”, “BYE”, “YES”, “NO”, etc.) followed by enter. This definitely cuts down on the amount of typing you have to do and almost feels like an Ultima VII dialogue experience.

    To install, park the game files in a folder on your phone, import this MGC, and then update the file paths to the folder where your game files are. When it first loads, wait until the keyboard has disappeared before using the screen – I have noticed the on-screen keyboard doesn’t work properly sometimes if touched before loading is complete.

    I expect this will probably work fine for Ultima V though I haven’t tested it.

    Movement view

    Keyboard / dialogue view

    Thanks to Alex for the original great template and for everyone involved in this great community.


    Awesome! 🙂 Many thanks:)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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