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    Hello! First off, I love MagicDOSBox. Been using it for a while and played a few golden oldies. I especially like its handling of the S-pen (as I use a Note3) which is fantastic as a mouse substitute.

    Anyway I have been having a bit of trouble getting the Bag widget to co-operate.

    I’ll go through what I am doing from the very start to make sure I’m not missing something:
    While playing I press the Back button to get the general settings menu up, then select ‘add virtual buttons’, then long press anywhere to add a widget. I select Bag, and one appears for me to begin customizing.
    In your tutorial video it shows to make a few of the button widgets and drag them onto the bag’s widget, so I do that.
    I make my keys and, one by one, drag them onto the Bag where they disappear as they should. I select the Bag and in its customization menu I press the button to open the bag, and it does: I can see the key widgets I made in an open panel. That’s where it stops working. I can not move the bag’s panel: pressing or long pressing on an unused section of the bag’s panel (exactly like in the Bag tutorial video) does not let me move the panel, it just opens up the ‘Widgets’ menu to make a new widget, as if I had long-pressed an empty space. I cannot edit any keys in the bag: double-tapping doesn’t work and pressing/long-pressing on them does the same. It is as if the Bag’s open panel isn’t actually ‘there’ for interaction. When I open the bag, the panel is outlined as if it is active, but I just can’t do anything to it.

    So at best I can make the most basic of bags by pre-making keys to put in it and leaving everything default, but if I need to edit or change one I have to remake the entire bag and all its contained widgets over again. And I only get the bag’s open panel in the top left of the screen because I cannot move it. So those are my main two issues: I can’t move the bag’s open panel, and cant edit anything in it.

    So am I just doing something wrong? I did notice a few changes in a recent patch, like the widget layers. Could that have messed up the bag making/editing process? (The update seemed pretty good btw!)
    I am using a Samsung Note3 9005, and trying with both touch and the s-pen. I’m in landscape mode.

    Thanks for any help.


    Hi Max,

    thank you very much for report. Damn! you are completely right, I know what is going on, I made this bug in last version, when I implemented layers. Due layers I rewrote big part of core. I open bag in system reserved layer(because is always on top), but I completely forgot that this layer is not accessible by user, sorry for mistake. This is harder decision. I think I must draw it on user created top layer, will think about it over weekend, I will release fix in next days.

    Edit : Well, I think in play mode I’ll draw on system reserved layer, but in design mode I’ll draw opened bag on the same layer where is it’s bag widget

    Many thanks for report.


    Thanks for the quick reply! I look forward to the update.

    Perhaps each layer needs a ‘bag layer’ above it that is only visible when a bag is open? I don’t have a clue how it all works though, so you would know best.

    Thanks again.


    Easiest way is to open bag on the same layer like is bag widget. But if you have another layer which is above layer with bag widget then widgets on the higher layers will cover opened bag. This is problem in play mode. But in design mode it could be ok. And in play mode I can draw on system reserved layer like it is now. This could work fine…i think 😉 There is another problem, you can’t move widgets to bag from another layer, but I’ll not fix that now, there is small workaround with import widgets function from another layout.

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