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    I would like a gesture that triggers when I take my finger off the screen. This might be too complicated to code, but then maybe not. I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

    Let’s say I’m playing Ultima Underworld. In order to move items around, I have to drag them. Absolute Mouse is working fine up until this point, and now that I’ve dragged an item, it’s off position (it’s not putting the mouse cursor where I’m tapping anymore). No problem, I can just do a mouse reset. It’s just kind of annoying having to do a mouse reset every time. For this game, I don’t really care where the mouse is when I’m not touching the screen, so I figure it may as well do a mouse reset every time I take my finger off the screen.

    So, basically, I touch the screen to grab an item, drag my finger across to move the item, and then when I release, it triggers a widget of my choosing, in this case my Mouse Reset widget. This would basically automate the Mouse Reset, and I wouldn’t need a visible button for it anymore.

    It would be useful for any game/program where dragging something messes up the mouse position. Windows 3.1 is another example.

    Of course, it would need settings to not trigger after single taps, double taps, and swipes. I don’t know what else I’d use it for than after dragging, but I’m sure I could find uses for it, so it’s best to have options.


    Hi, I cant give quick answer. I know what you mean. I tried to fix drag issue many times, but for some games is not possible. I will think about this and will write answer later. Its not easy for quick answer.

    I had dragging troubles in fallout too and I implemented one feature to Touch Widget – ignore next mouse up.

    I did not used it for a long time and maybe its broken, because I rewrote a lot of code since I used it, but maybe it can help.

    Idea is : hold touch widget and click on item to move, then on place where you want drop it.


    I am sorry I made decision that this feature will be not implemented. I like to implement what people need, but this feature is very hard and I will not bring effect you need. Mouse reset means not only to set one variable to true or set some values. Mouse reset means that I must change mouse for a moment to relative and move it manually to negative coordinates x,y[-2048, -2048]. Then I set it to middle of the screen. This is average task – not easy nor hard, but doing it frequently on finger UP is not good idea. I can’t imagine it well…This will lead to problems like :
    -you will be not able click, because mouse can be in synchro event (synchro needs takes some time to be completed)
    -screen can start scrolling when you don’t need it

    But main problem is that all gestures must react well on that. Its hard for implementation.

    I am sorry, but not now…maybe I will get idea how to fix it in the future. But the game is made for relative mouse – like Albion. Authors did it.

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