Tidy Up Your sdcard and make backup/export a breeze !

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    Im new to magicdosbox but dos is nothing new to me, it was the pc gaming experience me and my age group used when i was in high school. Since purchasing this app the my brain has been on dos, funny thing that , i also own turbo dosbox and none of this occured to me while i was using it, most likely because its keymapper support as far as physical gamepads go is not up to par with this app and usually ended with me walking away frustrated or looking for some archaic piece of software thats impossible to find (honestly have you ever seen an faq where the dev of one app suggest you use an older version of an app because that devs app was intentionally blocking theres….i know have a working example) id ask for my money back but thats about as likely to happen as finding a copy of gamekeyboard + 1.4 when the current build is 6.2 . Anyway i thought id share a littlle trick i remebered to keep things neat and all around more managable as far as your dos programs are concerned. I copy my games to hdd’s and then just mount those! Dos supports fat16 which means it can make use of upto 2gb disk or drive partitions. Why do this step? A dos program contains alot of files that amount to nothing more than fragmentation on an android storage drive, even when deleted fragments remain, these fragments are scanned and identified by android everytime it has need to access storage, this waste processing power for litterally itty bitty bits of nothing . A .img android readily identifies as a container file, to simplify instead of reading and examining each individual file it just sees the one one and after initial id scan leaves it alone until it is used . Additionally you can easily backup or transfer these images with any decent file manager. And what does it cost you ? You will need a means to write the images to the disk, so a pc is necessary but ive discovered an app called drive droid that allows me to mount a disc as a cdrom and write directly to it from my pc saving the transfer back and forth . I use imgburn to manipulate the disk . Its freeware and has been abandoned by its dev so no support but its still readily available. In cases where the game need actually install its way faster to write from pc to disk on android then it is to write directly to disk from android (turns out this is possible however if you have no pc an app called limbo pc emulator which is based on qemu can pull this off. It is very beta and very unstable making it prone to crash but i have succesfully installed win95 freedos win3.1 with it . Im npt gonna lie that was the absolute slowest installation i have ever seen …..45 minutes to install freedos ;(!, but it does work). The only other thing you need do to get your disk up and running is to then mount them in magick via the imgmount cmd (regular optic drive is fine you dont need any special boot disk commands being that the disk is just storage)and at 2gb a disk thats quite a few dos games! your sdcard will love you for it !


    I always forget somthing lol. Your backups can also Be compressed with 7zip saving additional space and preserving file integrity.

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