The Last Ninja (CCS64 emulator)

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    Al ex

    Version 1.4

    Updated 2016-05-03


    Initially, I created this only for fun and as a proof of concept. But as it turns out, this is actually a very convenient way of playing C64 games that require a more complex control scheme.

    Be aware that this means you’ll be running a C64 emulator inside the MagicDosbox emulator, which in turn will require a fairly powerful cpu. My Note 4 is only barely capable of running this.

    Setup instructions:
    – If you’re not familiar with C64 emulators in general and CCS64 in particular, don’t even try this, or be prepared for hours of frustration. 😉
    – Get the CCS64 emulator (shareware) e.g. from (
    – Create a subfolder /C64/Ninja1/ in your Dosbox game directory (e.g. /mnt/sdcard0/Dosgames/). This is where CCS64 will be launched from by MagicDosbox.
    Explanation: I’ve configured three C64 games so far, each with its own CCS64 version inside the game folder. That’s because the save states get overwritten otherwise.
    – Copy the game’s (in this case The Last Ninja’s) .d64 files into the same /Ninja1 sub-directory
    – Download this config file and place it in the /Ninja1 sub-directory. It contains all necessary video, audio, and input settings
    – Take a look at the expert settings of the profile. They’re set up to launch The Last Ninja automatically. You will have to adjust the directory and file names to match yours, else it won’t work.

    – Dpad is mapped to Num2/Num4/Num6/Num8 for down/left/right/up.
    – Swipe up/down will hide/show the built-in MagicDosbox keyboard

    v1.1 changes:
    – added “File Menu” bag widget for Load State (F11) Save State (F12), and Quit CCS64 (Alt+X) options.
    – set frameskip=0 instead of 1 in MagicDosbox; frameskip=2 in CCS64 does the trick.

    v1.2 changes:
    – replaced square fire button icon with a round one
    – adjusted icons size and opacity

    v1.3 changes:
    – swipe left/right will show/hide the UI.
    – replaced the icons with more fitting ones (Competition Pro Joystick-style); the knob even moves when you play. 🙂
    – adjusted transparency settings
    – revamped the file structure (one CCS64 installation for each game) to prevent save states being overwritten by other C64 games.
    (I’ve played 50% through Last Ninja 1, then saved a fresh state in Last Ninja 2 – and gone was all my Ninja 1 progress…)

    v1.4 changes:
    – updated/improved icons for better usability

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