Starcraft / Win95 mouse navigation and target widget problem

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    Hi there, I am new here, just purchased MDB.

    I am trying to create reasonable scheme for Starcraft under w95.

    Problem: mouse navigation widget does NOT work. If I switch mouse to absolute and then tap screen cursor jumps and clicks totally different point then intended. This function works fine for me with dos Red alert and dos C&C.

    Same with target. I set crossed red lines to desired point, and then in play mode cursor jumps and clicks somewhere else.

    Same happens when I exit game and try on pure windows, so my guess it’s some MDB error?!

    Any suggestions/fix/workaround?


    Has your phone anything akin a game mode/performance mode? If so, it might be tampering with your screen resolution. On my Samsung, the game mode lowers the resolution output by half and makes the mouse input go bananas. As soon as I turned it off, everything worked fine.

    Al ex

    I do have a working Starcraft profile, and I have played it already a while back, so I can confirm it’s working (or was working at least).

    Larrynho’s suggestion is a good one, that might already solve your issue with minimal effort. Game mode is dead useful in 3D games, but absolutely useless in 2D applications like Dosbox. You don’t gain a single percent of performance, so it’s best to exclude Magic Dosbox from the games list (Game Launcher on Samsung phone).

    If that doesn’t help, the solution might be in Magic Dosbox’s built-in mouse fixes for Windows 95.

    Try this:

      – Once Win95 has booted up, press the back button of your phone, so the Magic Dosbox menu pops up.
      – Go to Advanced settings, and select Manual correction.
      – set it to match your Win95 and/or Starcraft resolution (most likely 640×480)
      – also, set the Correction type to “msmouse”, that’s mandatory in Win95/98.

    Or, you can download the profile here. I’ve never uploaded it here, because it’s not finished, but it should do the trick.
    Be aware that it’s using Expert settings, so you’ll have to adjust the mounting commands.


    Thank you guys. Thanx AL ex, comparing my profile with yours I was able to nail the issue and solve the problem. I will post my controller scheme when ready.


    Al ex

    Glad it’s working! And IIRC, it’s also running very smoothly compared to other Win95 games. Should be fun to play in Magic Dosbox. ??

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