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    So this is the only place I could find with active users talking about DOSBOX, however it seems this is a version for Android.
    I’m curious of how to get the most out of DOSBOX on a 1920×1080 monitor for old adventure type 256 color games from the 90s, and even the 16 color ones from the 80s!
    I was hoping someone could at least point me to a good place to find solutions.

    Basically, I want a windowed version so it’s not as visibly pixelated, similar to an old CRT monitor
    Although is it possible in that windowed version to not have Windows in the background, just all black?
    I think 800×600 would be best, remember I don’t want it filling the whole screen, actual 800×600
    I think the old games look just as good like their former glory that way.
    The DOSBOX configurator has many options, many I don’t understand like all the different options for scaling and types like Surface and Direct #D
    Thanks in advance!

    Al ex


    you can find the official Dosbox forum over at VOGONS:
    People are very active on the forum, and you’ll find lots of answers there.

    For starters though, and not to have you leave here empty handed: you should set Dosbox to fullscreen, and experiment with the fullscreenresolution option (
    For example, fullscreenresolution=640×400

    Also, if you don’t want the original pixelated image, you might want to try the different scaling options. That way, you can achieve a smooth image even in “full” fullscreen mode.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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