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    Hi there guys,
    would you have any hints on how to properly configure Settlers 2?
    the most annoying issue i have is that the cursor does not reach all edges of the game. its cropped by ~1cm on the bottom and right edge. that means that i can often not reach vital menus of the game.
    How can i fix it? any ideas?
    second issue is that the absolute mouse doesnt seem to be working…but maybe im just doing something wrong?




    I can check the game. I think I tried it in the past and absolute mouse was not working. It has the same issue like Albion. Unfortunately not all games supports absolute mouse and are playable only with relative mouse.

    I will try that and will see.


    Yes, unfortunately the game manipulates with cursor which breaks absolute mouse.

    It’s because old games are not made for absolute coordinates, only for relative and dosbox does not know mouse coordinates – because game is not reporting them to dos system. Dosbox is faking absolute coordinates using relative. For example : you touch somewhere on screen and dosbox calculates how far it was from last point. Dosbox then shifts mouse based on this difference. But if game re-sets (not you) mouse position then absolute mouse become broken.

    This can be seen if you click on terrain. A popup window is shown and game sets cursor to middle of this pop-up. Or if you close this popup then game moves cursor a bit down.

    Several games have bad mouse resolution. This can be fixed in advanced settings->manual mouse resolution. But it is not working for this game.

    Unfortunately you must use relative mouse:(

    >the most annoying issue i have is that the cursor does not reach all edges of the game.
    I see it. I don’t know but looks like game should work this way. Should be fine to check it on PC.


    Hi Tony,
    thanks for your reaction and diving in to that…
    its a pity that the absolute mouse doesnt work but it seems to be quite well playable with the relative mouse too 🙂 i set a few key widgets on swipes and a double tap as a right click (its used for scrolling around the map only, so whattaheck).
    Also, i noticed that when i turned EMS&UMB memory off and increased the RAM to 16MB, i could actually turn the resolution up to 1024*768 which makes the experience again a bit better 🙂
    About the other issue, you are right, it seems it actually is meant to be like that. I just ran it on my desktop pc using dosbox 0.74 and indeed, it acts exactly the same.
    Well, whatever 🙂



    great, I am happy that you found good controls for this game. I played this game far far in the past on desktop. Please if you will create nice layout, share it in mgc file section:)

    Best regards,

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