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    I have tried with Adosbox APP for support of serial port. Below is the support needed in magicbox.

    I need to port aDosboX/Magicbox app in android tablets or phones with Serialport or USBSER functionality . I was able to do configuration of Serial port in
    DOSBOX.config but it was not working in android devices. I am working on android x86 emulator with virtuabox in PC environment . I checked USB to serial functionality in DOSBOX/Magicbox it is working perfectly fine.only i was unable to MAP the Serialport to dosbox/Magicbox .

    serial1=directserial realport:ttyUSB0

    but it is not working here. plzz someone help me to resolve the issue. I suspect root permissions for the Serial port device. I also want USB to Serial functionality on android phones

    source code is here

    if wanted I will Share team viewer for support for you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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