SDcard issue, and a JPad issue

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    Hey folks, New guy here. *Waves*

    I’ve been having some issues with using gamepads through MDB, and was hoping I might find some assistance. I first started using a bluetooth keypad, and tried to get it working with a couple of old games, but it didn’t seem to be recognized by the games. The only one I can recall was the SSI Gold Box “Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday.” That pad had some other issues so I sent it back. New jpad by Riitek, worked decently on other things, and tonight, decided to take a crack at “Solar Winds: Galaxy – Chapter I.” I get to the part where the game asks me to center the joystick and press a button. I push the “A” button… nothing. Same with every button, nothing. So I pull up the MDB menu and go through gamepad setup there. All buttons except L2 and R2 are recognized, which I can live with. Map those all out… nothing. It’s like I don’t have a joystick at all. I am admittedly new to DOS emulation on Android, so… could definitely use some help.

    The other issue is likely me missing something simple. Had an issue with my 120gb SDCard, so I backed all the data up, and did a reformat. but the numerical designation of the sd card changed in the process. I’d input and backed up over fifty old DOS games, and as it stands, it seemes like I’m going to have to remap every individual game’s target path separately. Is this the case? Or is there a workaround? Anyway, I know that’s a lot of spam for th new guy. Hope you can help me out. Thanks!

    Quick Rundown:
    Galaxy Tab S 10.5 – Rooted
    Ancient Octacore Processor, likely of extra-terrestrial construction
    Marshmallow 6.0
    RiiTek Bluetooth Gamepad
    EC Technology foldable mini keyboard
    Solar Winds Galaxy, CH.1



    I hear second time about issues with L2/R2 and hope, I will fix that in next version. I dont understand why it works for some devices and for some yes.

    How works gamepad in dos:

    First, I recommend my youtube channel. You can find there many useful videos, include joystick usage. But here is quick explanation.

    You can control dos game with keyboard, mouse and gamepad. Mapper in magic dosbox is universal and can emulate all three devices. You can bind keyboard keys, mouse and native joystick functions. Not all games support native joystick, they can support only keyboard. In this case you bind keyboard keys. Or they have mixed mode keyboard+native joystick.

    How to setup. I think for keyboard and mouse it is understable. Native joystick must be enabled first in game profile at beginning – because games usually detects joystick at startup

    Then in mapper bind open gamepad buttons and add your buttons of your gamepad to list. Then press added button and configure it to joystick button(you can bind it to keyaboard, mouse button, etc)

    Mapper configuration is per profile, you cant check it globally, but you can duplicate profile. And maybe I can add import mapper from anothet profile in one of next versions

    Al ex

    Yeah, new sd card usually means you have to change all mountings. I wish Samsung would’ve stuck to simply call all sd cards “extSdCard”, that was much more convenient. ?
    Best thing to do IMHO is change it whenever you want to play a particular game, it will drive you insane to fix it all at once on a tablet.

    If you’re using expert settings, and own a pc, you can copy all profiles to your pc, then use various tools to batch replace the numeric string with the new one, then move all profiles back to your tablet.


    I still dont understand why they do it, it is like changing c:\ on windows to something else. Stupid.

    Maybe I can add system function for replace old path to new over all profiles, but now you must change it manually. Yes, do it for game which you currently play. You know, in the past if you changed sdcards or upgraded system, sdcard had unified path mnt/sdcard/ but they changed it and now if you insert too different sdcard or upgrade system, there is no garanteed old path.

    Maybe, if your device is rooted, you can change sdcard path in some android config to old name, try look for it at google search engine

    Btw, seems i fixed l2/r2 for devices which didnt want handle them correctly

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