Running Trackers on MagicDOSBox

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    I’m gonna show you how to run your portable tracker on MagicDOSBox!

    Please note that this is only for trackers made for DOS. Here’s a list of trackers to name them all…
    * Impulse Tracker
    * FastTracker
    * Scream Tracker
    * Skale Tracker

    1) Download the tracker of your choice by clicking this link:

    2) Once you’re done, go to your file manager, open the door folder, and unzip the file of the tracker you downloaded.

    3) Create a folder away from the downloads folder and move the tracker files there. (If you unzipped the file and a folder was already created with all the executable files, then move that folder wherever you wish to place it.)

    4) Open your emulator and look for the folder you put the tracker software at. Load the main file and run it.

    Voila! It’s your favorite tracker on mobile!

      NOTE: These DOS trackers require 8/16-Bit WAV samples to make music, if you have them, copy the WAV files from your computer and make a samples folder for the tracker.

    If you don’t have samples and want to find some, here are a few places I recommend the rest is yours to find:

    Even I have trouble finding any 8/16-Bit samples without ripping from anyone else’s MODs (except from the game’s MODs, of course, Lol.)

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