Reading multiple MT32ROM files in a single dir

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    Following your video on running MT32 and synth for MIDI I tried linking my MT32ROM dir to a number of games that support Roland. None of them worked. I had 4 ROMs in that dir, both MT32 and CM32L. I could not find a way in the GUI to specify which one of those files I wanted to use, so on a hunch created 2 subdirs in my MT32ROM dir: one for MT32 and one for CM32L. Then I went into the GUI and reconfigured the MIDI emulation for that subdir that only had 2 files in it: MT32_PCM.ROM nd MT32_CONTROL.ROM.

    Voila! It now worked perfectly. BTW, my rig is a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook core i5; my games are in Downloads/DOSGames dir. The ROM dir with its 2 subdirs is in the same DOSGames dir. The Chrome OS is v.92.0.4515.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Finally, thanks for this wonderful piece of work. I’ve been using DOSbox since the o.6 versions and only on a Windows box. Your version for Android blows every other DOSbox implementation out of the water! So glad I found it.


    Al ex

    Hi, and welcome!

    I’m an early Dosbox user, too, started with v0.56 about 20 years ago. 👴
    Thanks for sharing this little hack, it’s certainly useful. 🙏

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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