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    MGC file is exported MaGiC file of your game profile.

    What the file does :

    1. This file does not contains game!
    2. but contains configured settings for current game like title, avatar, memory, cpu type…
    3. can cantains information about iso files
    4. designed game layout

    Some settings are specific for device and must be fixed after you import this layout
    1. path to drive
    2. main program exe location
    3. cd-rom iso/path files

    Importing mgc file is advantage of supported version…

    Hints : If you add your mgc file, please add screenshot. Screenshot can be done holding together power menu + volume button down.

    If you have trouble with uploading mgc files, you can send these file to and we will upload these file instead of you.


    How do you export/find and upload the msc file?

    Al ex

    Long press on the game you want to export, follow the onscreen instructions.
    The exported file is in /sdcard/MagicBox/Export
    It’s a simple zip file, btw.

    You can upload it to any cloud service you lile, e.g. Google Drive, and share the link.


    Yes, Alex is right, at the end of export you can upload mgc file to your private cloud. Will be very cool make sharing service so other people can share online mgc files directly from phone, but this is not possible – problem is that people can put inside mgc file licensed images, what might be a big problem:(


    How do you import it into Android I choose to import and nothing shows up in the file I downloaded it into I’m not quite sure still learning as I go but it’s the config file from the Alex Key Master for dune cuz I have the same sound issue

    Al ex

    There was a similar issue some days ago, where my upload had been turned into a zip file by the cloud storage provider. Maybe because .mgc files are indeed zip files, but that’s really annoying.

    Anyway. You have to navigate to your /Download folder (or wherever you saved the file to) with a file explorer, and rename the file from .zip to .mgc, in order to make it visible for Magic Dosbox.


    That was exactly the issue thanks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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