Quest for Glory (VGA Remake)

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    Al ex

    Version 1.0

    Uploaded 2017-01-30

    Download v1.0
    Created on a Galaxy S7 Edge, so this should work nicely on every 16:9 resolution smartphone/phablet/small tablet.

    This is a pretty straightforward layout. The game relies heavily on mouse input, so there’s no need for many widgets. I’ve put in “Cycle Actions” for convenience, it’s a simple right mouse click, that circles through the available character actions. Double tap does the same.
    The Load/Save/Quit menu will be hidden automatically on startup.
    Mouse is set to “Absolute mouse”, because this feature is perfectly suited for point&click adventures. Makes gameplay even more convenient than the classic PC mouse version, IMHO.

    This is the first and final version. I’ve beaten the game with it by now, and I found absolutely no need to change anything.

    Normal ingame view:

    Ingame view with opened “Game Menu” (Load/Save/Quit):

    Quest Journal (erased, so no spoilers?):


    Like always Alex…beautiful:) Thank you very much:)

    btw : Very nice font:)

    Al ex

    That font is from Planescape Torment. I really like it, and will probably use it for my Ultima layouts, too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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