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    Hi all,

    Now a mgc for Wing Commander: Privateer. It is a mix between the classic wc games and elite. It is quite open world, but with an engaging story. Plays well in touch.

    Here my profile:


    Later i will add different layers for different ship models (4 in total).

    swipe left-right: keyboard
    swipe right-left: esc
    swipe down-up: ship UI
    swipe up-down: base UI

    Most buttons are self explaining.

    On screenshot:
    If you click on the ingame keyboard you open the numbers bag. It is used to communicate ingame with other ships and bases.
    In the left bottom is a button to open the monitor bag. There you change the screens.

    In the base, you can use the base ui to open menu and to change to relative mouse (what is indicated so you aren’t confused which mouse mode is active).

    Have fun!


    ui full

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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