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    Pool of Radiance -bMagic Dosbox Layout
    Designed mostly, using Deadly Strike > Ghostly Presense….
    Could probably use a bit more tweaking; however, my main goal was to get keypad and numpad, on screen, and collapsable… I hope Facebook hosts my image ok…


    I don’t see an image (or a download?) but I’m curious about your approach. Buck Rogers is one of my favorite RPG’s and I’d like to spend a lot of time with the gold box games. The same design could probably be used with little modification across the entire series. I bet we can even make it more user-friendly than desktop play, with the right refinements.

    Edit: I started a Champions of Krynn campaign and have been working on my interface for a few days. I spent some time trying to use telescopes to use screen space better, but I’m finding that the GB engine actually changes layout a bit too often. I might just go with a button to switch between a standard view and a combat view.

    I’m playing the first dungeon and thinking about hotkeys and combos that could make gameplay much smoother. Like a ‘pass’ combo that sends ‘D’one and ‘Q’uit, so you can just tap the ‘pass’ widget multiple times at the end of the battle, rather than navigating through two command menus for each character. Also, if you make a ‘MAX’ combo that sends ‘9 9 9 Enter’, you don’t have to type in the number of coins you want to pick up. I never understood why GB makes you do that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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