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    Here’s the thing, I love using MagicDOSBOX with my physical joysticks and buttons on my Nvidia Shield Portable. I was wondering if you could implement something along the lines of certain thresholds on physical joysticks that when moved to certain degrees would automatically hold certain buttons.

    Such as holding the Joystick below 50% would have no changes, but going past 50% would press the Shift key down automatically thus making a character run without extra key presses. Would work something like this:

    Under 50%: No extra button presses (Character sneaks)
    Above 50%: Extra button held (Character walks with Shift Held)
    Above 90%: 2nd button held (Character runs with Run button)

    This can be entirely up to the user on where the thresholds are and what buttons are pressed. The less buttons that need to be pressed, the better in my books.


    Hello;) Didn’t heard from you long time

    You probably mean the left axis joystick (right is used for mouse). The axis is from 0.00f(completely released) to 1.00f(completely pushed). Yes this is good idea. But first I must explain one limitation. During testing I got problems that joystick often didn’t catch these states. For example : You completely released the joystick, but dosbox received the information 0.15f instead 0.00f. This causes that arrows stayed pushed down even you released the joystick. Currently I use compromise – axis under 20% is released. Above 20% is pushed. It works fine. (I think it’s 20% – I must check the source code). So I can implement some virtual border around 50-60% in which I can push down secondary key. But border around 90% is unreliable.

    Am I correct with left joystick? Please what game do you play?


    Just any kind of FPS game could benefit from this. Lots of games have walk, run, and sometimes sneak keys that you can just use to simply remove a few button presses from your controls. Yeah, the left joystick having this implemented would be quite helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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