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    Was wondering about how hard it would be to create a user-submitted online updater? Basically you would be able to take controller schemes(like touch-based or controller-based configs), hardware specific tweaks(Different tweaks depending on devices like a touchscreen phone, Android gaming rig, or combinations of both), user created notes, game-specific tweaks(For games that need fine tuning because they might not work correctly from the start), widgets, etc. and post them inside this online updater where anyone can simply download the tweak or upload them.

    Users can then vote on these tweaks to show which ones are the best for a version of a game, or a specific type of hardware. Might be a bit complicated, but if done right I think it would make Magic DOSBox explode with user-comments and tweaks. Anyway, just throwing this out there.



    sorry, I missed your message 🙁 It is very good idea, but there are two troubles

    1. Google policy
    2. Trademarks and google policy

    Each game logo or custom image is potential trade mark problem and can lead to Magic Dosbox ban on google play. You can have custom images, but I can’t create sharing service where these images can be shared. Then there is another problem what google introduced only few weeks/months ago and I don’t want deal with that. They introduced new special rules for apps what shares people’s comments, votes etc. Maybe it is not so bad like I think, I checked these rules only very quickly, but I am not a lawyer. But because mDosbox was suspended 3 times for nothing…I simply don’t want do that..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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