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    Sorry for the OT but i really feel obliged to say thanks for porting dosbox to android. The sweet nostalgia when playing games i used to play 15-20 years ago on my nvidia shield tablet is priceless!
    Great stuff! big thanks!



    I agree — playing Daggergfall on the go is really awesome. I have spent hundreds of hours with this emulator. It *is* the best in the market. I have tried them all. This is the fastest, and has the most support for tablet (or phone) only play.

    I mean, it is great that you can use 3rd party keyboards or controllers with dosbox… but it sort of defeats the purpose of a portable emulator right? With these widgets, I can literally play almost any game without any additional hardware.


    Hi friends,

    sorry I don’t understand how I could miss this topic. These old games brings me memories on my childhood. I am very happy that current hardware allows to play these games anywhere. I remember how I played the “Warfare incorporated” game on very weak hardware with windows mobile 6 and how much I wanted to play Command & Conquer 1 or Lands of Lore on this device. But this was not possible five years ago. But current devices are another story;)


    I just want to thanks the author (s ?) of the great program Magicbox !

    it’s really the best way to play dos games on Android.
    The widgets are very useful, welldefined and properly implemented.

    that’s a really good work, i’ve tried many programs on Android but this one is amazing !

    Sorry for my english.. i’m french




    the thanks must be directed mostly on developers of original dosbox. Without their hard work this port could not exist. There are plenty other people who are helping with Magic Dosbox. Thanks to all.

    Best regards to France

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