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    ScummVM just added to their daily 2.1.0 builds an engine to run Blade Runner classic point and click adventure. Im trying it atm and it runs VERY well. I guess we all MDB users love retro gaming so, I thought this will be well recieved here, even not being MDB related. 😀 I tried to get it running on Dosbox but I was unable to.

    Mind that 2.1.0 daily builds are not SDL ( Andoid interface improved version ) while the 2.0.0 in the play store is.

    Al ex

    Nice, I’ve been using ScummVM for what feels like decades now. Love how they’re keeping it alive.


    Yea !

    Long time ago while using my Iphone 3g I went through a month long hospitalization… I re played most of my classics ( wich I have original… like 90% of them )

    Plus, due to licencing and losting the code, the game original source code was lost (or so Ive read ), so this is great for the game preservation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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