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    Is there any interest in being able to set multiple button profiles within one game profile? Currently you can do this with a bag to an extent, or just have multiple game profiles for the same game.

    But the way it stands now, if you set up buttons while in landscape, and switch to portrait, the buttons stay on the same position of the screen and stay in their portrait/landscape orientation, so even with a bag the text would be sideways after switching.

    I feel it would be really nice if I could just swap between customized button layouts within the same profile, perhaps through the menu. This would be nice for other purposes as well, such as syncing a single profile between multiple devices, perhaps with different screen dimensions, and simply swap to the button setup appropriate for that device without having to manage multiple profiles. Or games with different gameplay ‘modes’ could benefit from multiple layouts within the same profile.

    An alternative and much simpler (though less customizable) solution is being able to set a button to only show in landscape or only in portrait mode, and it disappears when in a different orientation. This would allow automatic switching between landscape/portrait button sets. And bags could still serve the other purpose.



    I must say truth, it’s first when someone wants to play game in both orientations. Can you give me example? Which game is suitable for that? Or do you want to have the same game profile for multiple devices? But I still can’t imagine when you need landscape and when portrait layout in the same game. Maybe if you explain it a bit more then I will understand.

    Magic Dosbox has prepared structures for multiple layouts, but there must be done a lot of additional work to get it functional – like setup for gestures for every layout etc. I wanted start working on this features 10 months ago, but I received MANY requests about physical gamepad improvements. So last 10 months I mostly work on gamepad. Now is finished, but still misses support for two gamepads. So I must finish this feature. And meanwhile I experimenate with scrolling feature for bag widget.

    So answer is yes and no. No, I didn’t think for landscape/portrait layouts, but yes for multiple on-screen layouts. This can solve your land/port issue.


    That sounds great! Glad to see you’re already looking at this kinda stuff.. I purchased this app long ago and am glad to see how active it still is.

    I play old roguelikes.. ADOM, especially, has tons and tons of keyboard keys to learn and remember, see here:

    It’s very helpful to have the full keyboard. And also 9 hidden buttons laid on top of the game display for each of the directions you can move, sort of functioning as a keypad for the game’s keypad movement.

    However, the vast majority of those commands are rarely used, and the ascii display is fairly small, so it is also really nice to have it in landscape mode without a full keyboard, and only have some of the most commonly used commands on the screen. So I often use landscape until I need a less common key, like paying for goods. Or I turn off all buttons and use the keyboard in landscape (buttons within the keyboard area seems to have some issues with the included keyboard, which turns out is a fantastic keyboard for these kinds of games, even better than hacker keyboard imo!). It would be very fast to simply tilt the phone to switch to the other layout. But I can see that this need is very rare and might not be worth the effort/extra options.

    A couple “while you’re here”s, sorry :p.

    Any thought on a ‘fast’ mode for moving/sizing buttons on the screen? It’s really helpful to have it be so precise, but a little modifier button that lets those arrow buttons move/size the button a bit more coarsely would be nice. Afaik adjusting the size of the button isn’t possible via direct touch like moving it is.

    Also, not important, but there’s a roguelike game called IVAN ( that I can’t seem to get to a playable state even on my brand new phone. Are there any options or adjustments I should try to get it working? It’s just extremely slow, even just getting to the title screen takes a while.

    Lastly, thank you! This is a really fantastic program, it actually makes these really complicated roguelike games playable on my phone, which are pretty perfect for a phone given they are turn based, small, yet extremely complex. I wish more applications allowed far more customization. I always tell my roguelike fan friends about this application, as it’s the only way to play some of these great games on the go.


    many thanks for support

    >I play old roguelikes.. ADOM, especially, has tons and tons of keyboard keys to learn and remember, see here:
    Hah, really tons. Btw, exactly these games stand behind idea for creating bag widget – exactly it was game Might and Magic 1.

    I understand your issue. In first iteration is important implement support for two or three layouts. I am a bit aware for creation of infinite count of layouts, due technical reasons – opengles on mobile devices is limited, each button contains from three textures (background, text, foreground image). And there is limit on how much GPU memory they can take. Now I don’t have troubles with that, but with multiple layouts I must create some recycling mechanism. Then will be no problem bind one layout exactly to portrait/landscape orientation.

    ***so if someone experienced with opengl reads this…I’ll be happy for consultation:)

    >Also, not important, but there’s a roguelike game called IVAN
    Hard to say, I didn’t try it yet, but the screenshots looks like game is made in really big resolution. How big is? Dosbox works fine with resultion up to 640×480, then performance goes down rapidly. I must try

    >I always tell my roguelike fan friends abou
    Many thanks:) I really appreciate it:)

    Have a nice day,


    Just a thumbs up for “multiple profiles”. Being able to create a Widget that can swap between different profiles would be nice too. When building a UI for wing commander I decided that I would try to make the cockpit screen itself intractable with invisible widgets. After some fiddling I managed to get something that worked extraordinary well. Including an on-off button so I could disable the interface and change to absolute mouse in the game menues. It became a blast to interact with the now intuitive screen, uncovered with a bloated HUD. It was quite easy to control the ship throughout the first mission. Then I realized that you get an entirely different ship during a later mission, and it was back to the drawing board.

    This is what it looks like at first glance:
    Wing Commander Android

    But this is what is going on under the surface:
    Wing Commander HUD

    Al ex

    Yes, great idea! I dismissed the idea of an invisible overlay UI when I created my Wing Commander profile for this exact reason. I’m so looking forward to this feature…


    Thanks for ideas. Something for multiple layouts is in progress. Unfortunately not for layouts but layers. But this could be good fix until multiple layouts will be not developed. This feature should go out in one of next versions, currently biggest problem is user interface implementation, core functionality is done.

    Al ex

    Multiple layers will suffice. If layers can be named like widgets, and changed with a dedicatet widget, it’ll be even better: I could create the necessary layers, label them Hornet/Scimitar/Raptor/Rapier for easy reference, and then switch according to the ship I’m flying atm.

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