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    I am new to this MagicDosBox thingy. So far i really love it.
    But i have a question.

    I am playing around with the controlls settings for CHASM.
    I got the movement to my liking, some buttons where i like them and so on…

    The mouse look works also very good.
    when i click/tap to shoot, it has a slight delay.
    Its not Click-Shoot
    Its more like Click————-Shoot

    Is there an option to change this kind of thing or do i have to set a widget for leftmouse?



    There shouldn’t be noticable delay unless you have not enabled double tap or swipe gesture. Other gestures dont enable global delay.

    Mouse widget is quick and is not affected by global delay.

    Try create new profile and use mouse without setup, do you feel still delay?


    Thanks for the reply!

    I have enabled double tap for right mouse button and tried to disable it. But without result.
    I also tried out Doom and Blood and have the same issue…
    But with a Widget for left mouse button it works perfect.

    Could this happen because i have Mouse set to relative and the smartphone nedds a bit to “think” if i want to move the mouse or just “click” ?


    Hmm this is weird. Double tap surely increases global delay, it must. But with disabled dbl tap and swipes it should be ok. Can you export your game settings to mgc file and share it here? Like always in December I have deadlines in my job, but will try look at this.


    I hope i did it right:

    I have set ESC, Space and Enter to invisible.


    Thank you, right, relative mouse is delayed. I can check it, now i dont remember why it is 🙂 maybe bug, maybe it has reason, will post here answer after check

    Edit: some delay is caused, because by relative mouse click(mouse down/up) is executed after you put finger off the screen. By absolute mouse is done mouse on on finger down and mouse up on finger up.


    Ah, thats interesting. Now i understand.
    Thanks, sir!


    Yes, I don’t see other delays. Here is algorithm for click by relative mouse :

    if ((timeDiff > 10) && (timeDiff < 300) && (distDiffX < distanceSmall) && (distDiffY < distanceSmall)) {

    It is checked on finger UP. Do click when :

    1. if ((finger_up_time – finger_down_time) < 300ms) - you must put finger off the screen quickly, below 300ms and
    2. abs(finger_downXY – finger_upXY) < 1dp - you cannot drag finger over screen, XY difference betwee finger down and up must be in distance 1dp (around 3 pixels)

    I am wondering why I use only 1dp, seems to me like too small distance, but probably it works fine 😀


    Oh boy, thats some complicated stuff for me.
    But still, interesting!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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