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    I have a quick suggestion, idea. Would be possible to calculate the touch x,y by the screen resolution and then send the transformed values to virtual mouse driver X,Y positions, so the mouse coursor x and y would be set instantly to be under the user ,,tap” and then the lmb click would be simulated in the end?

    The same thing we have when we use developer options, we can see the tap coords and highlight on Android.

    //EDIT 🙂
    I noticed it is partially implemented.
    The problem is they are not calculated by the resolution hardware – virtual, so the pointer is usually off place. It would solve your problem with border, which won’t allow to send coords when touch is behind.



    I am not exactly sure what you mean. Absolute mouse tries to move under your finger, however can work only for games which supports absolute mouse. Another way is deadly strike/ combo widget which can send mouse at specific place. All these actions works only if game supports absolute mouse

    Al ex

    @Nick you’re talking about absolute mouse emulation, right? AFAIK there are certain issues that won’t allow that kind of x/y coordinate transfpamation. While you can do so e.g. in ScummVM, because it’s only an interpreter, DOSBox emulates the whole mouse input.

    What you can do to fix mouse pointer being off, is press the back button once the game has launched, then tap “Advanced settings”, then under Absolute mouse tap “Manual correction”, check “Enabled”, and play with the x/y resolution settings. This is particularly helpful in SVGA games and Windows.

    In what game in particular is the mouse cursor off for you?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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