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    Hey everybody,

    I recently purchased Magic Dosbox for my GPD XD+ and man it is so amazing to relive so many old games and memories thru the XD+. It easily has been my best google play purchase to date! I have been able to play keyboard only based games like Commander keen, Duke Nukem, and Alien Carnage due to how easy it has been to map the in game keyboard controls to the built in physical controller. Same goes for the mouse heavy based games like Command and conquer, Warcraft 1&2, and Dungeon Keep which is all time favorite dos game.

    Well I have two game related issues. I am using a OTG cable paired with a wired Logitech gaming that I use with mouse heavy games. I have the typical double cursor but I have read it’s a android problem, not a Magic DosBox problem.

    Warcraft 1 and 2 work flawless with the mouse. No issues with scrolling or mouse tracking. Command and Conquer is good for the most part, but I just can’t scroll down for some reason. It works in the bottomcorners just fine. It’s like the game mouse can’t touch the bottom to tell the game to scroll down. Dungeon keeper has a issue where the in game mouse cursor is way off from the android cursor. It’s hard to describe but it seems like the in game mouse cursor is way too fast for the android mouse cursor and they are not in sync like other games.

    I have videos on each issue to show and explain it better.

    Command and Conquer issue –
    Dungeon Keeper –

    Al ex

    Hello and welcome!
    I see you already got a reply to your C&C video, so that’s being worked on. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. ?


    Yes I didn’t expect such a fast response and it is good to know it will be a upcoming fix. Do you have idea what might be wrong with my dungeon keeper game? I remember reading there will be a possible rework of the physical mouse part in upcoming updates

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